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Sppedtest is a website developed by OOKLA which provides network speed testing facility. We can check network speed, jitter, ping.Speedtest provides a list of ISP near us, with which we can test out network speed. With Speedtest we can test our network bandwidth speed around the world. Speed test is one of the oldest player and provides cross device compatibility. It is available on android, IOS, and browsers. But speed test also known for its data consumption for a single test which is around 100mb to 400mb.
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SEMRush is a website which helps you optimize your website / content for search engines. It has user base of around 6 million users according to their website. SEMrush helps you in SEO, Competitor analysis, Keyword research, Rank tracking, Backlink analysis, back link building and Site auditing
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Zoom is a market leader in providing market communication. Zoom is a software which provides cross device communication and a complete video conferencing solution with features like white board, chat , recording while in conference and much more. Zoom provides 40 minutes of free group call and for two persons its is free with no limitations Recently it's been in news for low security .
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Turtle is an open source app, currently in beta. Its is a document collaboration platform which help you manage permissions while sharing . The best thing about turtl is it support TEX for maths and has easy import and export features. The safe way to remember everything. Take all your important data with you. You can search your notes with text queries or using tags. Turtl is one of the very few document collaboration service which supports both TEX and Markdown.
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Google Chrome is one of the best browser in the market. It has the highest market share in terms of users. Google Chrome is knows for the user experience and cross device compatibility. The best thing about chrome is that it is backed by Google, which means it is not going to be losing out of features and security updates. Google Chrome support the most available features of JavaScript, html and CSS. Chrome Web store makes it more attractive with tons of plugins and lots of themes and wallpapers. For web developers it provides the best development and debagging tools. But performance chrome provides comes with high memory usage and privacy controls. Some low end or mid range desktop, laptops and computers might not work well with Chrome. Most of the developers add features to their site keeping in mind the html and JS support provided by chrome.
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Chrome and Firefox get most of the browser attention these days but how is Opera doing with it's latest release. Opera is one of the best browser but the truth is that it does not enjoy the market share which chrome does.Despite having v8 engine the same used by Chrome and with a lot of features greater than Chrome like Integrated VPN, built in ad blocker, and most importantly its sidebar with various social connect feature. Like Chrome its downloads never get stuck even with network disconnections. It's easy to customize dashboard makes its look more unique and user-friendly. Video detach feature in Opera makes it stand out of crowd.This feature is not supported by any of the people around there
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Visual Studio Code is a most popular code editor made by Microsoft with cross device functionality (Windows, Linux and macOS). Its initial release in April 2015 was very small but continuously addition of feature made it a market leader. According to it becomes the most used and favourite code editor 2019 onwards. Visual Studio is also known as VS Code. It has its own marketplace. Plugin makes Visual Studio Code more Customizable.VS Code icons, themes, fonts, terminal shell. Visual Studio Code support Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, Node.js and C++.
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